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Our Building Services

Offering the complete total package of services to our customers.

At BARCOL Controls, we build value into your building from the start, whether it’s a new construction or a retrofit project. When we design and install your integrated building management systems, you will save on operational costs over time. Of course, there’s a fine line between saving energy and providing a comfortable environment, and at BARCOL Controls, we help you achieve both by offering Building Management Systems from Schnieder Electric, consisting of their I/A Series and Andover Continuum product lines.

Building Management Systems

You need your building to perform. At the same time, your operational budget may be shrinking, while energy costs continue to soar. So, how can you reduce usage, meet regulatory requirements and do the right thing for the environment? Schneider Electric has the answer by helping customers around the world address the business, environmental and regulatory issues that drive their need for energy efficiency.

Buildings need a brain to intelligently control the many systems and thousands of data points they can generate. Schneider Electric's Buildings Business provides that brain by offering an integrated approach that unites multiple systems on one network across enterprises, from a single software platform. Once integrated, data from those systems is assimilated and converted into information that empowers decisions and actions that enhance efficiency, comfort and well being for building occupants and owners.

All buildings have different needs over their life cycle. BARCOL Controls and Schneider Electric are committed to ensuring that your assets grow in value. By working closely with the changes that naturally occur over your building’s life cycle, we can help you adopt new technologies and implement innovative solutions.

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Application Engineering & Design

We help customers design more energy-efficient, comfortable buildings with security at the forefront. By assisting at the design stage, we can help you build in cost-saving systems and features. We are continuously developing new techniques and fine-tuning processes to better serve you. We have an established track record of installing solutions on time and on budget.

Our focused approach to building systems strips away layers of complexity to reveal solutions that help manage buildings simply and effectively. That’s why Schneider Electric offers industry-leading intuitive graphical displays, dramatically simplifying system operation. Schneider Electric was the first to integrate HVAC with access control in a single system, to help you run a more efficient building.

24/7 HVAC Service & Maintenance

We understand that equipment can breakdown at any given moment, usually at the worst possible times. That's why BARCOL Controls offers a 24 Hour Service Department, who is on-call and available 7 days a week. Our certified technicians can help you get your building up and running within a timely manner.

Complementing our Service Department is a full Building Management Systems staff, who is also available around the clock for your needs. With services, such as Remote Desktop and VPN access, we can access your Building Management System and make changes accordingly to get your system back online.

Energy Monitoring

EcoStruxure™ system architecture enables the convergence of five key domains of our expertise: management of Power, Process & Machine, IT Room, Building, and Security. It acts as a solution ecosystem, delivering guaranteed compatibility across key application areas and leveraging open standards across both Schneider Electric™ and third-party offers. EcoStruxure™ takes multiple, siloed systems and adapts them to an integrated solution, reducing redundancy in equipment, software, and personnel. It is the only comprehensive, integrated approach designed for the reality of the digital economy.

EcoStruxure™ is not a product but rather an approach that creates intelligent energy management systems. EcoStruxure™ system architecture allows you to see, measure, and manage energy use across your Data Centres, Industrial Plants, Buildings, and Energy & Infrastructure with guaranteed compatibility among your critical energy domains.

EcoStruxure Energy Management Solutions

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Andover Continuum Security, Video & Access Control

As security systems converge with IP networks, Schneider Electric offers single platform solutions where video security, access control, intrusion detection, photo badging, paging, alarms, fire & smoke control, and emergency communication are components that work together within a greater system. This level of convergence creates scalable and easy-to-use solutions that deliver what you want most—flexibility, reliability and peace of mind.

Andover Continuum is one of the few security system solutions designed, manufactured and supported in-house, from a single company. With our integrated security systems you can respond rapidly to emergencies and plan more effectively for tomorrow’s security challenges. Integration from a single source also reduces the cost of operation due to efficiency gains in installation, training and maintenance. This also increases your flexibility by making it easier to add security components, while keeping capital expenditures low.

Andover Continuum is based on industry standards, so security systems can be easily and seamlessly integrated with other business systems to create greater synergy, improving both business value and security. Andover Continuum gives you a single view of all your security systems, through user-friendly workstations or over secure web links. With a single picture of security, and one view of all systems, you can monitor, control and secure your facilities like never before.

The Andover Continuum access control solution blends long experience in access control with the latest technology to bring you a feature-rich solution. Our access control systems are designed from the ground up to meet the most stringent security requirements and government regulations. They are easy to network with Ethernet support, and they provide encryption and authentication to enable tamper-proof communications between controllers and Andover Continuum workstations.

Andover Continuum connects easily with most intrusion sensor devices, allowing you to integrate these systems with your overall security network. You can send intrusion alarms, create reports, and graphically view security incidents on your workstation. Intrusion events can also trigger automatic responses; for example, a glass-break alarm or motion detector can cause a video feed to pop up on the workstation.

Schneider Electric offers a full suite of solutions for video management and analysis. You can view live or recorded video on-demand for any alarm or event. To quickly pinpoint potential security breaches and significant events, our video content analysis software provides real-time alarm and forensic tools for tracking events, thus eliminating the need for constant monitoring.


Integrated Security Solutions

Andover Continuum Security